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Equipment, Components & Supplies for Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

C GT provides the equipment, components and the supplies to keep your company's MRO program on track: CGT expedites.

CG Transpacific (CGT) furnishes companies with the necessary equipment, components and supplies for an organization's successful Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) operation. That is, CGT supplies testing and analysis equipment, components (integrated circuits, MOSFETs, back-pressure valves, etc), as well as, dry-room cleaning solvents and the like. Clients in the past have included companies in South East Asia such as ABS-CBN, Manila Light Rail Agency and Coca Cola Bottling. Now we're turning our attention towards California's public utilities, the most critical sector of the world's most dynamic economy.

G et the products with the specifications your company requested the first time, on time and within budget. Maximizing efficiencies by minimizing downtime.

CGT offers a number of key advantages which all drive towards one goal: Get it right the first time. Our bids will always meet or exceed the technical specification requirements. In the case of unusual or even obsoleted components, CGT has a depth of experience in ferreting out exact equivalents. Our delivery schedules have an on-time rating in excess of ninety-seven percent. This is because CGT's supply chain is built on the foundations of reliability-centered maintenance, to ensure that your assets continue to do what is required in the present operating context. Because of our experience with MRO issues in a variety of industries and the solid supply chain foundations, CGT can deliver within budget.

T ake out the wrong product, financial surprises & delays. There's only one explanation: You have a supplier that performs.

No financial surprises, no delays and no returns. This what your organization needs. This is what our organization is geared to provide. CG Transpacific: accelerated expediting.

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